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To Make USA Greater, Start With You and Your State

  By Jeffrey G. Nutt, J.D.  10-Point 10 Year Plan for the Great Lake State of Michigan [Points 5-10 Viable in ALL States, Points 2-4 in Some] Introduction  Is the United States a nation of immigrants? Yes and no. Most Americans are not first generation immigrants but tens of millions are. Born to a bi-vocational…

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Jeffrey G. Nutt Featured on World Podcast Episode 4

For your entertainment and benefit, we invite you to listen to our latest podcast. In this podcast we discuss the following topics: The 70th anniversary of the Fulbright program The US Government is transitioning away from direct legal control over ICANN We analyze whether the Washington Redskins trademark is considered disparaging Discussion regarding benefits for…

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Star Wars Kid Viral Video Legal Issues

The video below illustrates the possible reaction of the potential peers of the producer and actor of the video. Watch it and you will see why there is concern… Star Wars Kid YouTube Video Receives Record 900 Million Views…. and a Law Suit Star Wars Kid is a viral video made In 2002 by a…

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Federal State of Mind – Tips from the Federal Experts Training

On Friday, February 21, 2014, I enjoyed the pleasure of attending one of the best Michigan State Bar Social Security Section trainings offered in a long time, offering many practice tips for the more than 100 Social Security Section members in attendance at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing. The skill with which an attorney…

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National Grocery Chain Profits From Selling Personal Information

It’s amazing but true that some national long-standing retail businesses are accessing or selling so much of their customer’s personal information that: 1) A national grocery chain now makes more money on the sale of customers’ personal information than on merchandise sold, and a 2) Budget big box retailer re-sells purchase pattern information from customers…

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