New York Times Comment by Jeffrey G. Nutt Published

Comment found here, by Jeffrey G. Nutt, JD on Cubans Take to the Streets published by New York Times, July 15, 2021:

Jeffrey G Nutt | Michigan
Cuba is at a crossroads. As a Fulbright to Oxford University, I visited then East Berlin in 1986 in the city separated from West Berlin by a wall built by communists to keep their citizens from freedom in the west. East Berliners died at the wall trying to escape a dictatorship in the East. Later, my US-Panama medical-wife and I went on US-approved missions to Cuba delivering humanitarian and medical aid. The US must be a strong voice for the Cuban people seeking freedom and resist socialistic, Marxist, and communistic ideologies in our nation to avoid spreading unspeakable pain and personal tragedy around the world where I’ve been privileged to visit or help others in at least 40 nations.