Sadeer Farjo, Esq.

      Senior Associate Sadeer Farjo, Esq. will amaze you with the remarkable credentials he brings to Jeffrey G. Nutt & Associates, PLLC. Farjo graduated Cum Laude from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. And now, he is pursuing his 2nd graduate law degree – an L.L.M., with honors – in Intellectual Property Law.

      A legal entrepreneur and educator, Mr. Farjo currently assists Jeffrey G.Nutt & Associates, PLLC with a variety of trademark, copyright, patentability, and media law cases. A fighter for justice, he has first-hand international business law experience. During law school, he refined his business expertise through his own LLC and as a student attorney with the Estate Planning Clinic in Auburn Hills, Michigan. He interned at another top-ranked firm.

      Before entering law school, Mr. Farjo earned his bachelor degree in Film from Oakland University. He worked on a multitude of internationally televised productions as a director, editor, producer and even as an actor at one point. Few attorneys are as gifted at communication as Mr. Farjo. It is a rare attorney indeed who has produced, directed, and edited numerous independent films and productions in several languages.

      Under Sadeer Farjo’s direction, Jeffrey G. Nutt & Associates offers Film Industry Legal Services.

      Did you know our team is an authority in the following legal film related matters?
      1. Private Placement Memoranda
      2. Model Release Forms
      3. Actor / Actress / Extra Release Forms
      4. Crew Release Forms
      5. Product Placement Contracts
      6. Work for Hire Agreements
      7. Location Permits
      8. Music Licenses
      9. Negotiation and Drafting of Licenses

      Contact us for a free initial consultation on any of the above services. Note: We offer affordable packages for low budget films, commercials, television, YouTube videos and blogs – and our IP (intellectual property) team will be happy to protect your copyrighted material from online and other infringers.

      As an advocate with a meticulous attention to detail, and with an interest in sport and judo, Mr. Farjo understands the axiom that “Life is a constant audition.”